Easy, Eco-Friendly Wedding Tabletop Decoration Project

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For my budget-conscious, DIY, eco-friendly country wedding, I’m looking for as many simple and inexpensive ways to create memorable decor as I can find. I’ve been scouring wedding websites for ideas that fit the bill. As always, Martha Stewart comes through with a bunch of great ideas–I just have to find ways to make them eco-friendly.

When we did a “practice run” of my table settings, which will include collected vintage glass jars and bottles filled with candles and flowers, my fiancé and I realized that, though it looked great, we needed a way to ground the items. They seemed to kind of be randomly floating in the center of the table. I took a look and found this great suggestion from Martha…using elegant giftwrap as table runners.

We worked with the amazing wrapping paper company Nashville Wraps for the Blair House Holiday Decorating Project we did last December, and I knew they offer an unbelievable supply of recycled-content giftwrap. The company was happy to send some samples my way, and I found an 80 percent recycled paper that will perfectly match our decor. Gorgeous table decor complete, plus it’s inexpensive, easy and eco-friendly. Success! Feel free to copy this idea or send me some of your own!

Photo courtesy marthastewartweddings.com

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