Could-Do Calendar August 2019

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1. Encourage manufacturers to use sensible, eco-friendly wrapping on August 7, Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day.

2. Beat the heat by visiting the pool, splashing in a stream, or taking a trip to a lake or coastline.

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3. Flip through photos of your summer adventures, and print your favorites for a scrapbook.

4. Boil, drain, and puree 10 rose hips, and mix with 2 tablespoons plain yogurt for a refreshing summer face mask.

5. August 18 is Bad Poetry Day. Write without fear of failure!

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6. Celebrate your garden toils and take to the kitchen for August 29: More Herbs, Less Salt Day.

7. Is your harvest too plentiful? Share fresh produce with family, neighbors, and local food pantries.

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