8 Super Simple Organic Skin-Care Recipes

With three ingredients or less, you can whip up organic products for beautiful skin. Try our recipes for a natural eye makeup remover, simple moisturizers, homemade shampoo and conditioner, and more!

| February 2015

  • Green your life and your wallet with Madeleine Somerville’s guide to eco-friendly living, “All You Need is Less.”
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  • Clean up your beauty routine with simple, organic skin-care recipes that use three ingredients or less.
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Realistically adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle without losing your mind. All You Need is Less (Viva Editions, 2014) by Madeleine Somerville offers ideas for all areas of your life that are stress-free and totally doable. In this excerpt, from chapter 2 “Body,” Somerville shows you how to make eight super simple organic skin-care recipes—all with three ingredients or less!

You can buy this book from the Mother Earth Living store: All You Need is Less.

Natural Eye Makeup Remover

This recipe is as easy as pie, and it consists of one single ingredient: coconut oil.

Find a jar of unrefined, virgin coconut oil—usually found in the oil-and-vinegar aisle of most supermarkets—and massage a pea-sized amount onto eyelids and lashes. Wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth, and boom! No more raccoon eyes! As an added bonus, coconut oil goes easy on that delicate under-eye skin and leaves it nicely moisturized too.

Simple Moisturizers

I’m willing to bet that you currently own between four to six different kinds of body lotion. There’s probably the giant one you got on sale at a big-bulk store, the travel-sized one you keep in your purse, some special cream for your hands and nails, and maybe a few gimmicky ones you got suckered into buying and now regret—you know, gradual tanning moisturizer, firming moisturizer, hair-growth-inhibiting moisturizer, magic unicorn pretty-lady moisturizer, and so on.

To supplement and complement your body’s own natural moisture, however, you don’t need mass-produced lotions and potions. All you need are a few natural oils. The beauty of this tip really does lie in its simplicity.

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