Back on the Search for Local Flowers

It looks as if my flower search is back on just as soon as I thought it had ended.

We recently had to change the date of our wedding (yikes!) after realizing that the weekend we had planned was graduation weekend for the university in our college town. Not an event to compete with! In addition to a lack of openings at restaurants and hotels, all the hotels increase their prices for “special event” weekends. Thus, a change of date. Luckily, all the concerned parties–our gracious hosts, our amazing caterer, our planned photographer, my awesome hairdresser AND my six lovely bridesmaids– were able to find a nearby date that worked. One crisis averted.

However, the change has caused a new hitch in the giddyup, as they say, in that it is Mother’s Day weekend and my local flower supplier, Earth Flowers (the only one in Kansas that I know of to use hoop houses and, thus, have blooms in early May), will be totally sold out. As I was informed by the incredibly helpful owner of Earth Flowers, Mother’s Day is the “biggest flower event of the year.” Well, great.

I am absolutely not going to succumb to getting overly priced and chemical-laden flowers from a commercial florist! The Earth Flowers chap said he’d brainstorm with his wife to try to help me out. My family is coming down from Nebraska and he suggested perhaps we could find some there. Anyone have other suggestions? Is the only way to get local flowers to marry in June? Please offer any suggestions you may have. I’m hoping to get an LED grow light sometime soon from our friends at SonnyLight. Maybe I’ll just grow my own!

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