Ayurvedic Principles: Why You Should Wake Up Early

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Among the classical Ayurveda textbooks, the one close to my heart is Ashtanga Hridaya, written by Acharya Vagbhata. In Ashtangahridaya textbook, the second chapter deals with Dinacharya (Dina in sanskrit means day, and charya in sanskrit means regimen) or the daily regimen. From the view point of scholar Vagbhata lets look at the art of daily regimen with Ayurveda.

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Primary charya or regimen mentioned is ‘ideal time to wake up’ is Brahma Muhurta.

Time to wake up. It is advised to be awake at Brahma muhurta (45 minutes before sunrise). Though it might seem difficult to wake up at such an early hour (around 5 in the morning), the physical and mental benefits you obtain by waking up early are permanent and amazing.

Have you ever thought about why the Ayurveda classics ask you to wake up early?

The fact is when you wake up early in the morning, before sunrise, the predominant dosha according to time is Vata. Vata is powerful and  an active dosha. You can perform your activities with more energy if you wake up at Vata period of the day. But if you are waking up late, the next dosha cycle of the day is Kapha. Kapha is generally in slow pace, and you will have a feeling of heaviness and drowsiness if you wake up in the Kapha period of the day.

Also the morning environment is generally one of peace and serenity. If you want to wake up early, you will always try to sleep at an early hour. This helps in regulating a proper biological rhythm in your day-to-day activities. An improper lifestyle is the major cause most of the diseases in life, such as diabetes, obesity, insomnia etc. Therefore a proper biological rhythm ensures health to the body and mind.

Devote some time in the early hours for yoga or meditation. Practice sun salutations or any meditation technique which nourishes the mind.

The environment is devoid of any types of pollution at this time. Enjoy the cool breeze or chirping of birds and refresh yourself at this early hour.

Ashtanga Hridaya says, “If a person wakes up in Brahma Muhurta his health will always be maintained”  It also says one who wakes up at an early hour gains beauty, praise, intelligence, money, health, and longevity of life.

Have you noticed new born babies? They naturally wake up at the early morning hours. Our body is tuned in such a way by Mother Nature. But we try to change the rhythm or pattern given by nature which is one of the major causes of all the lifestyle disorders. The birds, animals, and those close to nature wake up at Brahma Muhurta.

If you are a person who wakes up at 9 am in the morning, don’t force yourself to wake up at 5 am after reading this article. But gradually try to develop a habit of waking up early. For example, go to sleep half an hour earlier than your usual routine, and try getting up at 8.30am on the first day. Follow this routine for a week. Then gradually make you way to 8am. Likewise, gradually adapt to an early hour waking habit.

Remember the slight difficulty you are facing initially can bring about a peaceful, healthier future to you.

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