In the News: Advertising Complaint Against Vitamin Water Distributors

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A Washington consumer-advocacy group called The National Consumer League has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. The National Consumer League wants to investigate Coca-Cola’s marketing tactics for Vitamin Water. The league said the advertisements and marketing campaign for Vitamin Water offer more benefits than are realistically possible.  

One advertising poster for Vitamin Water said, “Vitamin Water: Flu Shots Are So Last Year.” The league said this advertisement was misleading because it indicated Vitamin Water (and its stock of vitamin C and zinc) boosts the immune system in a way that promotes getting a flu shot as unnecessary.

Vitamin Water has become one of the most popular sports drinks with 2010 annual sales of more than $700 million. Currently, there is no evidence that suggests Vitamin Water prevents the flu or is an alternative to the flu shot.  

A single bottle of Vitamin Water has only 50 calories, but it also contains nearly 30 grams of sugar. The best way to get your vitamins is through a healthy diet or supplements. Help stave off cold symptoms with this homemade beverage: a rosehip infusion.

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