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Good morning! Here at Natural Home, we’re constantly searching for sources of inspiration, beauty and great photography. I’ve been on the hunt lately for some great new sources of photography and our group art director, Carolyn Lang, shared this great blog with me. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on it! Decor8!! Decor8 founder and editor Holly Becker is a design consultant currently living in northern Germany, and she shares products, photos and inspiration from all over the world. She is also great about posting the websites of the photographers who shoot much of the gorgeous stuff on her site! I’ve been falling down the rabbit hole on this site over and over, going off on long tangents of link after link that get me about 20 pages away from the Decor8 blog, and still finding gorgeous inspiration! Thought I’d share it with you.

Decor8 focuses much more on residential than commercial spaces, but this photo posted recently of Mikkeller Bar in Copenhagen got the wheels spinning in my brain about an upcoming feature on creative ways to design for storage. I love the artistic use of these little drawers.

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