5 Favorite Healthy Baby Essentials

Reader Contribution by Jessica Kellner
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Weleda Calendula Baby Face Cream:This wonder cream is my go-to for any skin problems my baby is having. Whether it’s a raw chin from teething drool or a mild rash outbreak, this miracle cream makes it disappear. Incredibly effective yet gentle and free of harmful chemicals, this cream is a must-have for sensitive baby skin. 1.6 ounces: $13

Pura Bottles:I’m in love with my Pura baby bottles. I didn’t want to use plastic bottles, and glass is great but it can crack or chip. Hence, the stainless steel solution. Pura makes excellent bottles with a wide range of nipple styles. The other amazing thing they’ve thought of? The steel rim also comes with a silicone sealing disk, so as baby gets older, you can use it as a container for snacks or whatever else you’re toting. I love them! Pura Kiki 11-ounce infant bottle: $16

Earth’s Best Organic foods: Although there are a few companies making high-quality organic baby foods, Earth’s Best Organic is the only full line, including cereals, purees, snacks and more for infants, toddlers and kids. Every ingredient is organic, the company tests its ingredients for pesticide contamination, and the foods are sourced from American farms. Plus they make lots of interesting flavor combinations such as Apple Butternut Squash, Chicken Mango Risotto and Summer Vegetable Dinner (zucchini, corn, green beans, brown rice, carrots and garbanzo beans). 4-ounce jars: $1

Ubbi diaper pail:Made of durable stainless steel, Ubbi diaper pails don’t absorb odors like plastic cans often do. They have a tight seal you close at the top, which helps hold in odors, and they use standard garbage bag sizes, unlike some that require custom bags you have to keep buying. And, unlike some of the plastic options, Ubbi pails have a modern design. It’s a great product. Ubbi diaper pail: $80

Honest Diapers: I have been totally satisfied with the service from Honest Diapers. Figuring out what kind of diapers to use was one of my hardest decisions when pregnant. Although I love the idea of cloth, working full time made it sound unappealing to spend so much of my precious baby time doing laundry. But I definitely didn’t want to use chemical-laden and landfill-clogging conventional diapers. Enter Honest Diapers. Chemical-free and biodegradable, these disposable diapers arrive at your doorstep each month, along with saline diaper wipes. The quantity is perfect: I’ve never run out of diapers, yet I have very few left when the next batch arrives. They come in a variety of adorable patterns, including seasonal and holiday patterns, all of which are updated periodically. It’s fun, easy and better for the environment than conventional. Another advantage: I never have to think about buying diapers. Honest Diapers and wipes, monthly subscription: $80 

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