Water Rights: Create a Water Garden in Your Backyard

Always wanted a water view? Create your own destiny—simply and naturally— by building a water garden. Both you and the wildlife you attract will be glad you did.

| July/August 2003

Water gardening is the art of luring nature’s beauty to your home. Lately the hobby has become mechanized, commercialized, and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be that way. People kept water gardens hundreds, even thousands, of years ago without expensive, labor-intensive equipment. It was done naturally and simply. It still can be. Today’s water gardens can be even simpler to keep than in days gone by if you are selective about what modern devices to use.

Why bother?

Water gardens attract natural pest predators. Frogs, toads, and garden snakes are likely to show up uninvited, but welcome them! They eat insects, grubs, and slugs—all those things your neighbors spray pesticides to get rid of. And if you worry about the pond attracting mosquitoes, relax. The fish in the water gobble up mosquito larva, while the toads and snakes make meals of the adults.

Also consider the auditory advantages of a water pool in your yard. The use of a solar or low-amp pump to power a waterfall or fountain creates white noise that softens the rumble of cars and other neighborhood sounds. This white noise isn’t just buzz—it’s the trickle of moving water, humankind’s favorite music.

Making the pond

Relax. Pull a lawn chair into the yard, look around, and decide where you’d most enjoy your water garden.

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