These 7 Herbs Can Do Wonders for Lifelong Health & Wellness

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You probably know that nutrition significantly influences your health and wellbeing. Modern diets and medicine often forget to include the herbs that can be incredibly powerful and help you in many ways. In this article, we selected the top seven plants and their extract that can be magical for your health and wellness.

1. Schisandra Berries

You might not have heard of this type of berry as it grows in China and Russia, but it is a nootropic that can work on improving your memory. On top of that, it offers a true spectacle of flavors which cannot be explained in writing. Schisandra berries provide all flavors known to humans, including bitter, salty, sour, sweet, and pungent.

It works on boosting your memory, but it also helps to protect cognitive impairment and keep your mental performance in line. On top of that, it assists in detoxifying your organism, eliminating waste and promoting liver health.

Schisandra berries also have a calming effect and can help you feel relaxed. Its adaptogenic properties are what helps you to deal with stress after a long day.

2. Fenugreek

Although it is now grown throughout the entire globe, it is believed that fenugreek originated in the Near East. This leafy green was used in traditional medicine in multiple purposes and its usage remained until today. You can find it in many supplements and it is particularly familiar for two reasons – promoting weight loss and male health.

When it comes to losing weight, turmeric actually helps to decrease the accumulation of fat and subsequently decreases potential weight gain. This enables improved weight management for those that are on a special nutrition regime. Fenugreek also acts as an appetite suppressant and can help to control meal portions to further support weight loss.

Fenugreek is also a known natural testosterone booster. Males dealing with low libido and those looking to promote their sexual and gym performance can turn to this ingredient to improve their testosterone levels and improve sex drive, strength, and stamina.

3. Graviola

You might know this herb as soursop, although its scientific name is actually Annona muricate. It is native to the rainforests of Amazon where it has been frequently used in ancient medicine. This plant has rich antioxidant properties, particularly leaves, bark, and stem. They help your cells to fight the damaging free radicals and stay in top shape.

Graviola contains coenzyme Q10, which is important as it can promote heart health and secure enough energy for muscle function. Additionally, graviola can have the effect of optimizing levels of sugar in your blood and reduce potential spikes. As we already mentioned, it also boosts energy levels, which is vital for those that have hectic jobs and active lifestyle.

4. Turmeric

This is a spice that most of us have used at least once in preparing our food or tried it when dining out. Aside from being an excellent addition to meals, it is also a superfood used in many knee pain treatments and other health supplements. The active compound of turmeric is called curcumin and it is what brings the most of the potential benefits for overall human health and wellbeing.

The science confirms that curcumin can be beneficial in treating pain related to osteoarthritis. Turmeric actually has impressive anti-inflammatory traits, which is why it can help to reduce the symptoms of arthritis as it is a disease caused by inflammation.

These characteristics make curcumin beneficial for other inflammatory issues, too, including digestive problems like Crohn’s bowel disease. On top of that, turmeric also has antioxidant properties and helps to protect cells from damaging environmental factors.

5. Cayenne Pepper

If you have ever consumed chili peppers, capsaicin is the compound that makes them hot. We were talking about weight loss earlier and this is another compound that can support you on the road of reaching your ideal weight.

It does that in multiple ways – for starters, it accelerates metabolism. This is important since it facilitates calorie burning and it is what subsequently leads to losing pounds. On top of that, capsaicin is also known as an appetite suppressant. It can promote satiety and help you reduce hunger cravings even though your food intake is decreased.

6. Moringa

Moringa has several different folk names, including drumstick and ben tree. It is packed with nutrients and antioxidants that can help to deal with inflammation and free radicals. By regulating oxidative stress, moringa can help you to optimize blood sugar and fat levels in your body, which subsequently assists in regulating cholesterol.

This herb can also boost heart health and reduce the formation of plaque, but it is vital to mention that moringa can be beneficial for brain health and cognitive performance. It prevents brain cells from deteriorating and optimizes memory while reducing stress and promoting positive mood.

7. Ginseng

The crucial thing to consider here is that there are different types of ginseng and their health benefits may vary based on that. Three types that are frequently used in nutrition and recommended by professionals are:

  • American ginseng– It is known stress reliever and helps those that are feeling tired to deal with fatigue. American ginseng also promotes immunity and assist in optimizing hormones.
  • Asian ginseng– Also known as Panax or Korean ginseng, this type is often used as a nootropic as it has the power of boosting mental performance and preventing cognitive decline.
  • Siberian ginseng – Another type efficient for promoting immunity and combating fatigue.

While you can use ginseng in its original form, there are also supplements and capsules that contain this herb’s root or extract. These products can particularly help males looking to promote their fertility and sexual performance, but they are also beneficial for overall health and wellbeing.

Final Note

The herbs that we mentioned on this list have been used for centuries in traditional medicines throughout the world. Whether you are looking for quick weight loss results or a way to reduce arthritis pain, each of them was listed for a reason as they have numerous potential benefits and can boost your health in a natural way.

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