6 Ways to Brighten Your Garden With Beautifully Painted Pots

Adorn your outdoor spaces with eye-catching pots using these creative ideas.

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courtesy of John Montgomery Landscape Architects at Houzz

When it comes to designing a landscape, if plants are the star of the show, think of gorgeous pots and planters as the supporting players that pull it all together. The right vessel — whether rich and glossy, verdigris or moss-covered — will enhance your home’s architecture, draw the eye through the landscape, and make the hues of your favorite foliage and flowers shine. Here are nine ideas for adorning your garden with artful pots.

1. Verdigris. When determining what sort of containers to use in your garden, take a cue from architectural details on your home — including exterior lighting, hardware and the overall style of your house. Here, the faded green pots on the porch echo the verdigris patina of the porch lights and complement the rich brown trim.

2. Earthy green. The nature-inspired colors and materials of this Craftsman-style home carry through to the earthy green of a rainwater-collection vessel. Using a planter as a rain barrel is possible, but if you decide to do this, it’s important to get the fundamentals right: It should include a screen to keep out debris, plus a spigot and an overflow mechanism.

3. Deep, rusty red. Another way to choose a pot is to consider the hue of the plant you plan to put in it. In this case, the fall color of a Japanese maple looks right at home in a dark red pot.

4. Moss-covered. Moss loves shady, moist corners of the garden, and it can be encouraged to cover just about any surface — including pots. David Benner of Moss Acres, a specialty mail-order moss nursery, shares a recipe for moss slurries or “milkshakes”: Place dried moss, along with buttermilk or plain yogurt, in a blender and mix thoroughly. This slurry can be painted over a pot to encourage moss to grow. Keep your moss-covered pot in the shade, and mist it frequently to maintain moisture until moss fully develops.

5. Orange and blue. As complementary hues on the color wheel, orange and blue make a striking pair. And while the combination will turn heads year-round, it’s especially impressive in autumn, when the skies are blue and the leaves turn fiery shades of red and orange.

6. Cobalt. A trio of bold cobalt-blue pots enhances plantings of purple flowers in the corner of this garden.

When putting together a collection of pots, an odd number (one, three, five) in a variety of heights tends to look most natural.

Trailing plants soften the edges, helping plants and pots blend together into a cohesive unit.

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