Try This: Grow Herbs in Eggshells

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This carton of garden "hatchlings" will deliver fresh food all year.
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This carton of garden "hatchlings" will deliver fresh food all year.

Spring is a celebration of birth and renewal. This small gift combines two symbols of this hopeful season. Turn empty eggshells into a mini indoor herb garden.

Hatch this

You will need:

• 1 dozen eggs
• Thin towel
• Organic planting mix
• Tweezers
• Seeds (any veggie or herb will work; check seed packet instructions)
• Aluminum foil
• Misting bottle
• A little sunshine  

1. Tap around the circumference of the small end of an egg with a spoon to crack it. Remove top and empty egg. Clean shells with hot water (no soap), air dry and place in egg carton. Repeat with the rest of the eggs. (Save the egg to make omelets later.)

2. To reduce mess, cover egg carton beneath shells with thin towels while adding soil. Scoop planting mix into eggshells. A funnel made from a piece of scrap paper will neatly guide soil.

3. When egg is nearly full of soil, use tweezers to gently place a seed or seeds in the center just below soil surface. When all seeds are “planted,” remove thin towel.

4. Cover carton below shells with aluminum foil to protect it from watering mist. Place in a sunny, warm window and gently mist daily. Remove foil before displaying or giving the starts.

5. Follow the seed packet’s guidelines for planting instructions and sprouting time. If you are planning to give this as a gift, allow an extra week or two to be safe.

Tip: Don’t color the eggshells; dyes could harm seedlings. Paint the carton or add printed tags instead.

Soil alternative

Rather than planting mix, you can use dry, lightweight compost or garden soil for this project. If your soil or compost is dense, lighten it with a little sawdust. If it’s damp, spread on a newspaper indoors for a few days to dry.

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