All About Basil

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Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is one of the most popular herbs in the world. Its most common cultivar, sweet basil, is known for its timeless flavor. (Nothing beats homegrown tomatoes sprinkled with fresh basil.) Many more basil cultivars have become  popular in recent years and bring unique tastes to the kitchen. This annual herb is easy to grow and makes a great companion plant to tomatoes, asparagus and other vegetables.

All About Basil

Below we feature some of our best articles about basil. Learn how to grow and harvest this essential summer herb; discover how to incorporate its flavorful leaves into pesto, soup, pizzas, salads, biscotti and more; go over the medicinal properties of basil; ponder the existence of the mythological chocolate basil; and much more.

How to Harvest Basil Like a Pro

Basil plants are the essence of the summer herb garden. Learn how to grow, cook, harvest and store this popular aromatic herb in your home.

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10 Basil Plants You’ll Love 

Did you know there are 30 to 150 basil species (depending on who’s counting)? Here are ten of our favorites, such as ‘Spicy Globe’, ‘Lemon’ and ‘Cinnamon’.

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A Cook’s Guide to Basil 

Basil evokes platters of Caprese salad and endless pesto-tossed linguine. But this is only one part of the story. Discover exciting basil recipes.

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Even More Articles About Basil

+ An Introduction To Healing with Basil
From headaches to sore throats, learn how to heal naturally with Ocimum basilicum.

+ Preserve Basil Like a Pro
Basil is easy to grow, but keeping that fresh spicy-sweet flavor intact is not so easy.

+ Love Your Basil
Discover uncomon basil varieties with a basil enthusiast, who shows you how to grow and cook with this culinary delight.

+ Why Is My Basil Dying?
Herbs can die for many reasons; here are our tips for keeping your favorite aromatic herb thriving.

+ Does Chocolate Basil Exist?
A few rumors began circulating about a fantastic new basil with the fragrance of chocolate. We de-bunk this myth.

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