Growing Tasty Tropical Herbs

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Photo courtesy Storey Publishing (c) 2010

Excerpted from Growing Tasty Tropical Plants in Any Home, Anywhere, by Laurelynn G. Martin and Byron E. Martin, with permissions from Storey Publishing (c) 2010. The following excerpt can be found on Pages 118 to 119. 

Growing your own food in containers indoors and on your deck or patio not only gives you a healthier lifestyle, but also allows the natural order of plants to become ever present in your daily life. Through this book, we hope to enable you to enjoy a taste of the tropics without leaving the comfort of your home and backyard. We have chosen plants that will grow well in containers in all areas of the country, inside during the winter and outside during the summer. (Southern gardeners can raise some of these plants outdoors year-round.)

• Grow Tasty Tropical Herbs: Cinnamon
• Grow Tasty Tropical Herbs: Vanilla
• Tasty Tropical Recipe: Rick’s Rum-Infused Vanilla Dessert 

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