Planting and Positioning Your Cactus

Plant your cacti correctly with these tips.

| June 2018

Happy Cactus (Dorling Kindersley, 2018) unearths the secrets of different cacti and succulents, with profiles on more than 50 popular varieties.

Once you get your new plant home, you’ll need to make sure it is potted correctly, and then find a suitable location that will meet its particular needs.

How to Plant it

The soil provided with a store-bough cactus or succulent often lacks the nutrients the plant needs to thrive. Therefore, you may want to repot your plant into new potting soil to keep it happy and healthy. Always protect your hands when handling prickly cacti. If your plant is sold in an ornamental pot without drainage holes, you can double pot with a slightly smaller plastic pot concealed on the inside. Be sure not to leave water standing in the ornamental pot after watering.

Make sure the plastic pot fits snugly into the pot you want to use.

You can buy a proprietary cactus and succulent potting soil from garden centers, but it is easy and more cost effective to make your own. Just combine two parts of soil with one part of grit.

Where to Position It

The right spot for your cactus or succulent will depend on its specific needs in terms of light, temperature, and ventilation (see individual profiles). Your plant will also have different temperature requirements during its winter rest from those during its growth period.

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