Gardening Tips For Instant Curb Appeal

Add instant visual interest to your home by implementing one of these four lovely garden ideas!

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Looking for ways to add curb appeal to your home? Use your love of gardening to add even more visual interest to your home’s exterior! Here are four tips for instant curb appeal:

Beautiful front walkway

1. Maintain Those Flower Beds

Get your flower beds into shape by pulling weeds and deadheading any spent flowers. Deadheading is an easy task and can be done whenever you feel like tidying up! Simply look for blooms that have turned brown and crunchy. Before cutting, look down the stem of the rose you want to rid of and look for a five-leaflet set (five full leaves together). Make the cut above the first five-leaflet set and continue cutting out the spent blooms until you are happy with how your rose bush looks.

Beautiful front walkway