How to Build Your Own Succulent Letter Garden

Personalize your succulent garden by building a letter-shaped planter box for your succulents to go in. 


By Tawni Daigle
May 2018

DIY Succulents (Adams Media, 2015) by Tawni Daigle, is a great read for new succulent owners. Find the practical information you need to care for your succulent plant, and all of the fun ideas for arranging different succulent plants. You can even find ideas for wearing succulents on a necklace or headband.

Get personal by creating a custom, letter-shaped succulent garden. Kept horizontally, it will make a lovely centerpiece, or hang it vertically for stunning wall art. First or last name initials are popular choices, or maybe you’d like to create multiple succulent letter gardens to spell out a word, such as “LOVE.” We will be using old pallet wood for this project. Many hardware stores will sell you their old pallets for a few dollars. Old fence wood can also be used.