Homemade from the Heart: Hot Scent, Coming Through

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Decorate and scent any room with a handmade trivet for your table. Make each coaster unique or form a complete set with several of the same.

  • Cinnamon, peppermint or citrus essential oil
  • 1 cup rice
  • Two 7 ½-inch muslin squares
  • Two 8-inch squares printed fabric
  • One 8-inch square washable batting
  1. Combine rice and essential oil in a pint jar. Seal with a lid and shake until essential oil appears mixed well. Let the jar sit for a week or so, shaking each day until the rice has soaked up the essential oil.
  2. Sew muslin squares together about ¼ inch from the outside edge. Leave about 2 inches unsewn through which to add the scented rice. After filling, stitch the bag closed.
  3. Stack the printed fabric squares together with the right sides facing each other and place the batting square on top. Pin the stack together and stitch around the edges at least ¼ inch from the edge, leaving about 3 inches unsewn. Insert the muslin bag of scented rice and stitch closed.

Coaster Creation
To make individual coasters suitable for placing underneath a mug or tea cup, reduce the rice to ¼ cup and the muslin, fabric and batting by 3 inches. Follow the remaining instructions for the trivet but make sure you pack the rice in tightly enough and sew it shut firmly so that you’ve created a firm and stable surface for hot drinks.

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