Herb Love: Wedding Tablecloth Bouquet

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<p>This wedding table cloth bouquet may be assembled the day before the wedding and attached to the tables several hours before the reception.</p>
<li>For each bouquet, tape together three 4-inch-long plastic florist’s vials with masking tape and fill with water. (Stand the vials in a juice glass so that the water does not spill out.) Fill them with 6-inch-long stems of fresh herbs and flowers such as oregano, lamb’s-ears, Queen-Anne’s-lace, stock, and roses.</li>
<li>Have a helper hold a bouquet against the edge of a cloth-covered table while you pull some of the adjacent tablecloth around and over the vials. Pin it firmly with large safety pins.</li>
<li>For added security, wrap a 10-inch length of 26-gauge floral wire around the stems just above the top of the vials and poke the ends of the wire through the cloth behind the flowers. Twist the ends of the wire. A wide ribbon tied around the top of the vials conceals the wire and safety pins.</li>
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<em>Theresa Loe is the author of</em> Herbal Weddings: Past and Present.</p>
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