All You Need to Know About Caring for Your Roses This Fall

By Noelle Johnson, Houzz

As we head into autumn, our spring- and summer-blooming roses require some help getting ready for cooler weather. For those who live in cold-winter climates, fall is a good time to get roses ready for sleeping through the winter. For those growing roses in warmer regions, it’s time to get them ready for another flush of blooms. No matter where you grow your roses, let’s get them ready for fall.

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The New York Botanical Garden, original photo on Houzz

All roses go through a dormant season in winter, when growth stops and they go through a period of rest. In cold-winter regions, USDA Zone 7 and below, the preparation for winter begins early in the fall, while in warmer zones you can use fall to prepare roses for their next bloom cycle.

The Todd Group, original photo on Houzz