About Lavender: Varieties, Recipes, Aromatherapy Use and More

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By itself, lavender (Lavandula spp.) doesn’t look like much. Its foliage is skimpy and gray, its flower stalks lanky and its growth habit unremarkable. The flowers themselves, at least on the common English varieties, are so understated that you have to watch closely to see when buds become blooms. But it doesn’t get much better than brushing up against a lavender plant in the summertime and inhaling its intoxicating aroma.

About Lavender: Varieties, Recipes, Aromatherapy and More

Enjoy lavender just about anywhere in your own landscape. From pathways to rock gardens, lavender makes a wonderful focal point. Best of all, you can use this fragrant herb at home, in everything from gorgeous bouquets, body-care products and delicious foods. Below we feature some of our best lavender articles throughout the years. Create the best growing space for this Mediterranean native, and discover ways to use its flower buds in your home, in everything from culinary dishes to exotic spa treatments.

Gardening Tips for Growing Lavender

The splendored lavender is, of course, not one plant but many. There are about 30 species, and many more hybrids. If you are growing lavender for the first time—or even if you’re a seasoned gardener in need of a refresher course—you may have questions, including which cultivar to grow, what its best growing conditions are, and how to keep your plant alive and thriving. Read on for expert gardening tips.

A Grower’s Guide to Lavender

Growing lavender not only can create sweeps of intense fragrance and drifts of soft color but also ensures an abundance of flowers at harvest time.

Get expert tips for growing lavender.


How to Grow Lavender

Lavender is a beautiful addition to just about any garden. When placed in the right spot, it will thrive with very little care. Learn which lavender best suits your garden.

Grow the very best lavender. 

Why is My Lavender Dying?

Lavender is easy to grow—under the right conditions. Our gardening tips will help you keep this warm-season perennial growing to the best of its ability.

Keep your lavender thriving. 

Recipes for Cooking with Lavender

Fragrant lavender is a unique ingredient to use in both your cooking and baking adventures. Discover how you can use this lovely herb in everything from jams, beverages, desserts and main courses. Read on for delicious recipes.

Lavender Jam

Make lavender jam a staple in your household. This recipe uses berries, plums and peaches to create a lavender-infused spread for breakfast pastries.

Get the recipe. 

Lavender Lemonade

This cool and refreshing lemonade hits the spot on a hot day. Get ready to make copies of this favorite summer recipe for anyone tries it.

Get the recipe.

Lavender Shortbread Cookies

Spread lemon buttercream frosting onto these delicious cookies and serve them at your next summer gathering for a treat that is sure to impress. 

Get the recipe. 

Lavender Crème Brûlée

If you’re looking for a sweet treat to make for a special event, make sure to try this decadent recipe for an aromatic twist on a dessert classic. 

Get the recipe. 

Rosemary & Lavender Granita

Whether you call them sorbets, granitas or ices, nothing could be simpler than this lavender concoction. Feel free to spike this treat with sparkling wine. 

Get the recipe. 


Even More Lavender Recipes

Discover even more delicious dishes:

Lavender Aioli; Lavender-Marinated Chicken; Lavender Festival Salad; Lavender-Laced Grilled Salmon; Herbes de Provence; Lavender-Ginger Poached Pears

Lavender Aromatherapy and Medicinal Use

Aside from its powerful fragrance, lavender is rich in aromatherapeutic value. This soothing herb can ease headaches, calm nerves and help you fall asleep faster. Lavender essential oil is a natural antiseptic that make it a wonderful addition to first-aid kits, as well as a natural disinfectant, making it a great herb to use in homemade cleaners. Read on for more lavender aromatherapy tips.

Lavender Spa Products

Set your sights on tranquility with lavender-infused body care. Our beauty recipes include bath salts, lip balm, body butter, solid perfume and a room mist.

Treat yourself to relaxing lavender.

Simple Lavender Soap

This lavender soap is perfect for the first-time soap maker. Gently crushing the flowers also releases fragrance and will make the soaps more heavily scented.

Make a simple soap with lavender. 

Cleaning with Lavender

Make your entire abode smell like summer by cleaning with lavender, a natural disinfectant. As a bonus, you’ll reap the rewards of aromatherapy.

Naturally disinfect surfaces.

Learn More About the Lavender Plant

Herb Profile: Lavender ‘Grosso’
Grow this hardy lavender variety in areas with cold winters and humid conditions.

7 Super Herbs for Your Medicine Cabinet
Lavender is just one of seven great herbs you should include in your medicine chest.

Herbal Bug Bite and Sting Remedies
Did you know that bug bite relief was as simple as rubbing lavender directly on your skin?

Honey Lemon-Lavender Teaspoons
This fun little craft is simple to make and will add flavor to healthful teas.

How to Dry Lavender
Make a floral arrangement by gathering and drying lavender at peak bloom.

Make Lavender Sugar
After you dry lavender, add its buds to a jar of sugar for a gourmet treat.

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