Winning Against Weeds

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A Daphne mezereum plant grows happily in organic.
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Chunky bark mulch discourages weed growth.
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Low-water plants such as salvias, chrysanthemums and coreopsis thrive with organic mulch and little other care.
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Organic mulches can help keep your garden looking neat and organized.
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Grouped tightly, plants can block the sun from weeds trying to grow beneath.
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Gravel makes an excellent weed-resistant, porous path material.
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Shredded-leaf mulch and garden paths made of clover inhibit weed growth.
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Organic gardening methods control weeds and are less toxic than spraying with chemical herbicides.

At first, weeds seem innocuous enough–just green confetti scattered among flowers and vegetables. In fact, weeds bestow a multitude of gifts: holding and protecting bare soils, providing habitat for beneficial insects, and providing food and medicine. Unfortunately, weeds compete with garden plants for space, water and nutrients. If not kept in check, they can seriously affect your garden’s yield and quality.

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