Easy-To-Make Herbal Cards

For lasting charm, try these easy-to-make, delightfully textured botanical cards with the seeds and scent of herbs.

| February/March 2005

Here’s a creative project that takes recycling to a whole new level. Following these simple directions, you can create your own paper, embedded with seeds, bits of plants and delicious herbal scents. Fold the paper into greeting cards for your loved ones and after they’ve read your sentiments, they can plant the whole card in their garden or flowerbed. A little sunshine, a little water and voila! — an ongoing reminder of your thoughtfulness and affection for them.

When you choose your favorite herb scents and seeds for these organic, earth-friendly sentiments, consider the Victorian language of flowers to convey the unspoken message of your heart. (For more information on the language of flowers, read Tussie-Mussies: The Victorian Art of Expressing Yourself in the Language of Flowers by Geraldine Adamich Laufer, available on our online bookshelf, www.HerbCompanion.com.)

While it is possible to make paper entirely from raw, fibrous plant material, the chemicals and time required to break down the plant material adequately requires significantly more effort than the method suggested here. For details on creating paper from whole plants, check out a good paper-making book, such as Making Your Own Paper by Marianne Saddington (Storey, 1993).


To begin the process, assemble the materials listed below, most of which are readily available at craft stores.

Mold (see details below)
12-by-9-inch piece screen (or larger to fit frame)
Plastic bucket or container large enough to hold about 3 cups pulp
3 or 4 sheets (81/2-by-11-inch) paper
1 small handful dried flowers and leaves
1 teaspoon seeds
2 pieces felt large enough to cover the cutout in your mold
Rolling pin
Whole leaves and flowers, if desired
Waxed paper

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