DIY: Lavender Wands

Make wands and more with cut stalks and a sense of adventure.

| June/July 2004

Add the wonderful fragrance of lavender in a nostalgic, inspirational form to the linen closet, in drawers or on the wall of your favorite room.

To begin, choose straight, long-stemmed flower stalks from the garden, selecting only enough to make the number of wands or baskets you plan to make immediately. It’s best to harvest lavender in late morning after the dew has dried and before it gets too hot. Here are two great options for making these pretty, fragrant crafts to preserve your garden’s legacy.

Although practice and wand making will improve the product to some extent, all wands bear the mark of the maker’s personality. I suggest beginners learn the skill by watching someone who has made wands before.

Lavender Wands:
• Classic Lavender Wand
• Lavender Wand with a Twist 

Classic Lavender Wand

Because the wand is made by weaving a ribbon over and under adjacent stalks, you must use an odd number of stalks. (I usually use 13, but the number varies depending on the cultivar and how fat I want the head to be.) Harvest only the most robust and straight flower stalks. Cut them just above the first set of leaves and avoid any stalks with side flower stalks, which weaken the stalk and could break off during weaving.


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