Everything’s Coming Up Strawberries

| 7/3/2018 8:40:00 AM

Some people say that spotting a robin is the first sign of summer.  For me, summer begins with the start of strawberry harvest!  And last week, my CSA farmer brought me three (3!) cases of ripe red berries.  It’s a perfect rite of passage!

fresh strawberry pie
Photo by Inger Wilkerson

Strawberry Treats

Sweet treats are the mainstay of strawberry recipes.  Fancier favorites include chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberry rhubarb crisps, and spectacular pies, either baked or made of fresh berries, gelled together. But strawberries are delicious even simple and straight up, topped with cream and sugar, dolloped with sour cream and brown sugar, or even all by themselves. 

While desserts may be the most popular way of serving strawberries, they also shine in savory dishes.  Strawberries can go into a fruit salsa or add pizazz to a salad like this Butter Lettuce Strawberry Salad with Poppy Seed dressing.

Strawberries can even contribute in the beverage arena with drinks like strawberry limeade, strawberry margaritas, or fruit shrubs, a mixture of fruit and vinegar and a historic way of preserving fruit. 

strawberry margaritas
Photo by Inger Wilkerson