Traveling While Doing Keto

After a lot of contemplation and preparation, I finally committed to trying a keto diet for six weeks. I was hoping to avoid traveling during this time so it would be easier, but it did not work out that way. Since it had taken so long to commit to the six weeks, I was determined to stick with it the best that I could while I was traveling. 

I knew there were not any great keto options on the route that I was traveling. It is really important to me that I am sticking with real foods for the most part and making sure to eat my vegetables. My best option for the road was to pack my own stuff. 

One thing that I was concerned about was getting my fat in on the road. I was excited to find Trader Joe’s packets of coconut oil. I ended up adding that to the tea that I had in my hotel room on the trip. I also bought kale chips so that I would have a way to get some vegetables on the road. I bought some organic canned chicken, but in the end, I did not eat it. I still think it is a good travel food though.

Normally when I travel I eat a lot of carbs and load up on soda for my caffeine. I had to make a different plan this time. I was happy to be able to drink Zevia energy drinks in place of the soda. They are sweetened with stevia and no carbs. I also packed some kombucha for the trip. I have to take that from my carb allowance for the day, but it is so worth it for me. I brought  some single serving electrolyte and Natural Calm magnesium packets to add to my water. 

For my travel time to my destination, I ate only what I had packed. For breakfast, I had a low carb keto bar. For lunch, I had a no-carb Chomps beef stick along with the kale chips. I also packed some mixed nuts. I ate some Parmesan cheese crisps. I certainly was hungry by the time I made it to my destination and was ready for a great dinner. I was able to enjoy a nice steak dinner with asparagus and wild mushrooms. The mushrooms were the best that I have had. I felt good with my dinner choices. 

When I was not on the road, omelettes with vegetables were my go to breakfast. I added avocado when it was available. I was able to enjoy a lovely buffet that had some good low carb options. I ate Chipotle for one meal since I knew it had some good low-carb options as well. 

I feel like I did well overall. I did have two fast food options. I had an Arby’s Beef and Cheddar no bun, no red sauce and a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese no bun. I did forget to ask for no ketchup so I scraped it off the burger. They were not my first preferences, but I felt they were manageable. I was out of town for four days and I did not gain any weight so I was happy with that. 

Since I have been home I discovered two more great things for me to carry for fat if I travel or just eat out. I found some olive oil packets and also packs of ghee. I like to be prepared and have good options available for me. I feel good about what I achieved on my keto journey while I was traveling. There certainly was much temptation.

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