From Farm To Table: 5 Reasons to Join a CSA

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Want healthy, farm-fresh fare on your table? Become part of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Individuals or families pay an annual membership fee to cover a local farm’s production costs; in exchange, members receive a weekly share of the harvest during the growing season. For more information, visit

1. Eat the freshest food. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are picked at perfect ripeness, usually within twenty-four hours of when you get them.

2. Ensure your health and ­safety. CSA farms are typi­cally organic, and because your food comes from a nearby farm, there’s more accountability.

3. Sustain the local economy. Buying directly from farmers helps them stay in business and keeps food dollars at work in local communities.

4. Protect the environment. Most CSA farms avoid harmful chemicals and topsoil depletion. Pollution from transporting, processing, and distributing food is greatly reduced when you buy food locally.

5. Become food savvy. You can help raise your family’s consciousness about how food-buying decisions impact your health, community, and environment.

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