Super Foods for the Super Bowl

Sunday is the big day for football fans around the nation. Whether you are rooting for the Green Bay Packers or the Pittsburgh Steelers, one thing is certain, there will be a lot of snacking. However, snacking doesn’t mean you have to eat fatty, salty and just plain bad-for-you foods. Here are the perfect recipes for preparing healthy, and of course, tasty foods that won’t bust your gut or your wallet.

Replace the processed nacho cheese with this savory clover cracker spread. Packed with garden-grown vegetables and herbs, everyone will forget about their nachos. Pair with whole-grain crackers or bread for the perfect finger-food.

Refresh during halftime with Lavender Lemonade, a great
replacement for soda!

Photo by bradlauster/ Courtesy Flickr

Lavender Lemonade: A hint of lavender turns this thirst quencher into a alcohol-free refreshing beverage.

Clover Cracker Spread: This spread is loaded with vegetables such as garlic, onions and spinach. You can add other vegetables such as radishes and green peas to add your own unique touch.

Toasted Pita Dunkers: These simple pita chips go well with many kinds of Super Bowl-themed dips.

Gourmet Dessert Balls: This snack is cholesterol free and low in fat. Mix a variety of nuts and seeds with cinnamon powder, cardamom powder and raisins for a healthy treat.

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