A Summertime Favorite: Dill Pickles

Reader Contribution by Kathy Amen
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Kathy Amen would like to thank her dear friend Kari Loth for giving her a subscription to The Herb Companion magazine.

I love summer because that means it’s dill season and a favorite pastime of mine is canning dill pickles. The entire process of it is exuberating! I love the fragrance of dill throughout my home–it’s what I strive for during the summer season. The smell takes me back to my childhood, playing along the riverbeds where there was an abundance of wild dill. I enjoy it so much that I place dill bouquets in ice water and set them out on my counter or dining room table for everyone to enjoy.

I make many jars of dill pickles at a time to fill my house with that lovely smell.
Photo by Kathy Amen

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