Spelt Bagels, Artisan Breads and Pizza Dough from Spelt Right Baking

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Hearty and nutritious, spelt traces its history back to ancient times, before the creation of wheat hybrids. Even though the USDA labels spelt as a wheat product, this grain is actually a cousin to common wheat and has some noticeable–and beneficial–differences over wheat. First, spelt contains far more nutrients than common wheat. Spelt is rich in manganese, dietary fiber, vitamins B2 and B3, magnesium, protein and copper. Second, spelt is easy to digest, and third, although spelt is in the same family as bread and therefore contains gluten, many people who are sensitive to common wheat can eat products made with spelt. 

Spelt Right Baking’s cinnamon raisin bread makes yummy French toast or great regular toast. Photo Courtesy Spelt Right Baking.

Spelt Right Baking was created in 2007 after the founders discovered that their son, who was intolerant of common wheat, showed fewer symptoms of behavioral disorders after substituting spelt for wheat in his diet. Spelt Right bakes and sells spelt bagels, spelt pizza dough and spelt artisan bread that can be used as either sandwich bread or a classy accompaniment to a nice dinner. All of the products are made with organic spelt flours, extra virgin olive oil and natural sea salt. As the products contain no tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, corn or soy, they are vegan, Kosher certified and allergy friendly.

Spelt Right Baking’s Everything Emma bagels are flavored with onions, garlic, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and sea salt. Photo Courtesy Spelt Right Baking.

Spelt Right Baking offers five flavors of spelt bagels: Simply Spencer (plain), Cinnamon Raisin Royale, Everything Emma (onions, garlic, sesame seeds and poppy seeds), Sesame Mucho and Maddie’s Choice (whole grain with a nutty flavor). The company’s artisan breads come in four flavors: artisan sandwich bread, cinnamon raisin, whole grain and rosemary. The pizza dough is made with spelt flour and extra virgin olive oil and can be used for a variety of options including pita bread, calzones and monkey bread. The products are made in the traditional artisan style, which allows the dough several days to rest before baking.

Spelt Right Baking bakes its breads in a hydroelectric-equipped historic Sparhawk Mill on the Royal River in Yarmouth, Maine. You can purchase Spelt Right Baking products online or at health food stores or supermarkets in the New England area.

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