Plant-Based Parfait and Pudding for the Planet

Loaded with fresh, in-season fruits, this plant-based parfait is the perfect summer treat to help lower your impact on Mother Earth.

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June 2017

plant-based parfait
Photo by Adobe Stock/Fahrwasser..

Summer often tantalizes the senses with smells of freshly cut grass, visions of poolside lounging, sounds of ice cubes clinking in a glass, and the mouthwatering bounty of the season’s fresh fruits and vegetables. As you find yourself enjoying the warmer weather, keep in mind that the planet is heating up too. As a consumer, it is never too late to make choices that will minimize your impact on Mother Earth.

Being mindful of your purchases and consumption is one way you can have a direct positive impact on the issue of climate change. When it comes to shopping, plant-based and organic foods are a worthy consideration. According to the 2006 United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization report, the meat, dairy, and egg industries contribute 65 percent of global nitrous oxide emissions, a greenhouse gas almost 300 times as potent as carbon dioxide. So, by simply increasing your organic, plant-based food consumption as a percentage of your diet, you are doing our home, the Earth, a favor.

You may be doing your body a favor as well. Studies show that eating foods with antioxidants, enriching vitamins, and plant-based fats may lessen the effects of aging. While the summer’s bounty makes it easy to fill up on fresh vegetables and fruits turn to healthful ingredients, such as organic chia seeds and frozen or dried blueberries, during other times of the year as well.