Kombucha Recipe

Make this kombucha tea and discover the benefits of this healthy fermented beverage.

| January 2013

  • The fermentation process for this Kombucha recipe will take between seven and 12 days depending on the temperature of the room.
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  • "Lemons and Lavender" by Billee Sharp teaches basic home health remedies to common ailments—from upset stomachs to colds.
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Bursting with ways to downshift, simplify, preserve resources and honor the planet, Lemons and Lavender (Viva Editions, 2012) will give you tools to reclaim a purer, tastier, healthier and less expensive way of life. Billee Sharp shares her "freeconomics" approach to budgeting in this step-by-step guide to the good life. Learn how to make kombucha tea in the following excerpt from chapter 2, "Health Is Wealth." For information on other helpful remedies, visit 25 Inexpensive Kitchen Remedies That Really Work.

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Some people love the taste of kombucha tea; others don’t relish it at all. It has been credited with miraculous properties and is a probiotic, making it very curative for digestive issues. Kombucha also comes recommended for acne, constipation, arthritis, depression, and fatigue, and is hailed as a protection against cancer. I regard it as a tasty tonic, and my family drinks it daily. My sons were the first to taste kombucha, and they loved the fizziness and flavor.

This healthful drink is easy to make so long as you have a “ferment” (some people call it a “mushroom” because of the way it looks). To procure your ferment, try to find somebody who brews kombucha already. They should have plenty of ferments to share, as every batch of tea grows an extra ferment on top of the original.

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...."you’ll be able to tell by the taste". What kind of taste are we looking for?

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