Bittersweet Brownies Recipe

Made with teff flour and dark chocolate, these delectable brownies have a nuanced cocoa flavor.

From "Gluten-Free Flavor Flours"
January / February 2018

  • The teff flour here deepens the brownies' traditional chocolate flavor.
    Photo by Leigh Beisch

Cook Time: 35 min

Yield: 16 servings

These moist and deeply chocolate brownies have a light, rather elegant, melt-in-your-mouth texture. We use teff flour here, which has a nuance of cocoa that deepens the traditional brownie flavor. For something fancier, bake this batter in a 9-inch round pan and serve wedges topped with whipped cream and seasonal berries.


• 10 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into chunks
• 6 ounces dark chocolate (approximately 70-percent cocoa), coarsely chopped
• 1 cup sugar
• 3/4 cup teff flour
• 1/4 teaspoon salt
• 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
• 3 large eggs, cold
• 1 cup walnut or pecan pieces (optional)


1. Position rack in lower third of oven and preheat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Melt butter with chocolate in medium heatproof bowl set directly in a wide skillet of barely simmering water. Stir frequently until melted and smooth.

3. Remove bowl from water and cool mixture to lukewarm. Stir in sugar, teff flour, salt and vanilla. Add eggs and beat with mixer on high speed for 2 minutes. Batter will thicken and become lighter in color, like chocolate frosting. Stir in nuts.

4. Scrape batter into pan and spread evenly. Bake 30 to 35 minutes, until toothpick inserted in center comes out fairly dry and clean. (Don’t worry; brownies will be moist even if toothpick is not.)

5. Cool on rack. Transfer brownies to cutting board. Cut into 16 squares.

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Excerpted from Gluten-Free Flavor Flours by Alice Medrich (Artisan Books, 2017).