The Minimalist Kitchen: Knives

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You don’t need a ton of stuff to  cook like a pro. Build this small set of high-quality knives—recommended by our favorite food writers and editors—and you’ll be ready to tackle any recipe that comes your way.

Essential for chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing

To Buy: Try the reasonably priced but high-quality Mac Knife Chef Series Chef’s Knife, 7-1⁄4 inch; $60 via Amazon

Necessary for peeling small fruits and veggies

To Buy: A top pick at Cook’s Illustrated, the Victorinox Swiss Army 3-1⁄4-inch Fibrox Straight Edge Paring Knife is effective and affordable; $10 via Amazon

A supersharp, lighter-weight multipurpose knife for meat, fish and veggies

To Buy: Wüsthof offers a 7-inch hollow-ground Santoku; $70 via Crate & Barrel

A long knife with a strong blade for slicing meats and carving chicken and turkey

To Buy: Try the German stainless steel Zwilling Pure 8-inch Carving Knife; $67 via Zwilling

Effortlessly cuts bread into neat slices

To Buy: They don’t take much abuse, so you don’t need an expensive one. Try the Dexter Russell Traditional Scalloped Bread Knife; $24 via Amazon

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