Love Your Basil: Fresh Basil Pesto with Pumpkin Seeds

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Ramona Werst has a love for growing and cooking with basil. Currently, she has more than 30 varieties in her collection and she is adding to it all the time. She creates basil-infused recipes and would love to teach you how to Love Your Basil! Visit her blog ( to download her free e-book,Love Your Basil.

Don’t just throw away pumpkin seeds after carving your Halloween pumpkin! Did you know pumpkin seeds are a very nutritious snack? And now you can use them in a fresh basil pesto. When you roast the pumpkin seeds try different spices for different flavors. I used the basic salt and pepper and a little cayenne pepper. You can try some Italian seasoning, or even cinnamon and nutmeg for a sweeter flavor. For the full Pumpkin Seed Fresh Basil Pesto recipe and video please visit my website, Love Your Basil.

Roasted pumpkin seeds are both nutritious and delicious in fresh basil pesto.
Photo by David Werst

Fresh basil pesto is very easy to make; the different flavors are endless. If you want a sweet basil pesto, try using a sweet basil or mix it with a little cinnamon basil. For a lemony twist use a lime or lemon basil. For a spicy rich flavor use Thai basil. Make sure you use spices that will go with your fresh basil pesto when you roast your pumpkin seeds.

Roasted Pumpkin Seed Fresh Basil Pesto is delicious served
on top of cheese tortellini or served on top of your favorite meat dish.
Photo by  David Werst

I serve fresh basil pesto over tortellini filled with different fillings or just cook up different kinds of wheat pasta. I even top chicken, fish and hamburger with fresh basil pesto. I decided to try the Roasted Pumpkin Seed Fresh Basil Pesto over a broiled hamburger, and it was delicious! You just broil the hamburger on one side, turn it over and pack the roasted pumpkin seed fresh basil pesto on top of the hamburger patty. Turn the heat to 350 degrees and finish cooking the hamburger patty. A plain broiled hamburger patty turns into a gourmet hamburger steak!

The good news? You can do all this too!

I’m Ramona Werst, teaching you to Love Your Basil.

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