Ingredient to Watch For: Milk Protein Concentrate

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Concentrated Milk Protein (also known as milk protein concentrate, or MPCs): Next time you’re in the grocery store, check the ingredient list on yogurt, processed cheese and frozen dairy desserts for MPCs. Made when milk is put through an ultra-filtration process to remove all liquid, concentrated milk protein is a dry, high-protein additive manufacturers use to artificially thicken dairy products rather than using lengthier natural processes. Because of its light weight, exporters can ship the product long distances very cheaply; almost all MPCs used in the United States are imported and largely unregulated. What’s more, according to Food & Water Watch, a public interest organization that works to ensure the food and water we consume is safe and sustainably produced, imports of cheap milk protein concentrates are driving down the price of domestically produced milk and putting American dairy farmers out of business.

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