In Season: Add This Powerful Antioxidant to your Pantry

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Next time you’re in the produce aisle, consider buying kale, a winter staple that touts an array of health benefits. This powerful superfood is antioxidant- and fiber-rich, and one of the best vegetable sources for calcium. Kale can be used for a low-calorie diet; there are minimal calories and no-saturated fat.

If you learn more about this leafy green vegetable you will find it’s tasty and versatile. Kale can be used for cooking soups, salads, stews and can be eaten raw or cooked. Garlic, thyme, olive oil, lavender and fresh sage are known to accompany kale in recipes. It thrives in the cold weather and has a history of nourishing people in the darkest months of the year, when there are not as many vegetables available.

Kale crisps are a healthful alternative to chips.
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Try these herb-infused kale recipes.

Black Kale Salad: Combine onions, leeks, cabbage, garlic and parsley with kale. Lima beans add extra fiber to this hearty salad.

• Braised Kale with Thyme: Onion, garlic, thyme and kale saute in a saucepan filled with chicken broth. Serve with gnocchi.

Kale Krisps: These crispy veggies are a great alternative to chips and taste greate with dips. All you need is one head of kale, vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.

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