Green City Garden Girl: Recipe Keepsakes

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KyLynn Hull is a stay-at-home mom and dabbles in many things including writing, urban farming and raising backyard chickens. She writes regularly for garden and food blog, Green City Garden Girl – Bound by the Seasons

I was having breakfast one morning a few years ago at St. Cloud’s restaurant in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle when I noticed a framed recipe card and photo of a grandmother hanging on the wall. I read the story about the influence she had on the owner and I fell in love with the creative showcase. I decided to (once again) re-create this simple project for my mother on her birthday.

I thought about the importance of getting my hands on recipes actually handwritten by loved ones. This detail is especially important once that person is no longer living. Luckily, I was able to get a copy of my great-grandmother’s handwritten Baking Powder Biscuit recipe. I had never met my great-grandmother Laura, my grandfather’s mom, so this was especially unique to have. I found a rare photo of her and framed both the photo and recipe to finish this special birthday gift. I also put together another frame with three recipes and a photo of my mom’s mom. 

I framed a picture of my great-grandmother Laura with her handwritten recipe for Baking Powder Biscuits for my mother for her birthday. Photo By KyLynn Hull.

?When I got married more than four years ago, I wanted unique and thoughtful gifts to give all my favorite gals who stood up with me. I couldn’t think of a better gift than the recipe-photograph combo for each of them. This was a challenge because several of their special family members were no longer with us. I reached out to their families to see what they could find and was pleasantly surprised when I was able to put together a recipe with a photo for each of the five girls. (Some got two.)

These gifts are perfect to display in the kitchen and a wonderful way to collect and preserve those special mementos of some of your favorite people you grew up with. I’m currently getting my Dad to write a couple of favorite Russian recipes to accompany a great photo of him in the kitchen. I know my kids will appreciate it someday as much as I have.

I choose three handwritten recipes to accompany this picture of my grandmother Marie. Photo By KyLynn Hull.

To celebrate old recipes and the people who made them, I’d like to highlight my great-grandmother’s Baking Powder Biscuit recipe written exactly as she wrote it:

Baking Powder Biscuits

3 cups flour 
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 cup shortening
1 cup milk

Sift salt and baking powder with flour. Cut in shortening. Add milk and mix in dough. Put dough on floured board and roll out and cut the biscuits out. Put on greased pan and bake in hot oven 450 degrees for 12 minutes.

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