10 Foods to Help You Study and Stimulate Memory

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Food for your brain must not be only nourishing. To make it graceful and work without glitches, your brain has to be fed with tasty and useful food. Check out these 10 foods for the brain that will help you set up a proper diet.

Thank You, Sea!

As we know, a brain consists of billions of neurons. If the cholesterol level in an organism is high, they start breaking down brain activity. In order to avoid it, you have to consume omega-3 fatty acids, which are contained in fish. Doctors claim that the most useful fish are salmon and tuna. Other seafood can do much, as well.

Oysters, mussels, and shrimp are rich with B vitamins and iron, which lay positive influence upon memory and other mental processes. Regular consumption may prevent the appearance of cancer.

Berry Cocktail

Almost all berries are essential for the brain. Many of them contain flavonoids guaranteeing good memory and slowing the aging processes. They are rich with antioxidants that stimulate brain activity. Gooseberry hardens vessels and helps with the brain’s oxygen supplies. This berry also helps to fight aftereffects of stroke and lower risk of its occurrence or recurrence.

Yolk Is Full of Secrets

When we become older, brain cells die from time to time. Eggs are the best to fight this unwanted process. The yolk is full of choline, the so-called building material for brain cells. Another useful substance is lutein, which lowers the chance of strokes and infarcts. Also, eggs are rich in lecithin, which helps fight free radicals and slows aging processes. A couple of eggs per day supply the brain with all the necessary elements and will help you withstand complicated mind challenges.

Healthy Heart = Healthy Brain

Glucose is one of the most essential elements of nutrition for our bodies and minds. Its deficit leads to brain exhaustion, tiredness, stress, and various nervous disorders. First, it concerns diet lovers. Dried fruits are the best sources of glucose. Also, they are rich in iron and Vitamin C. Dried fruits may help with clots, lower cholesterol levels, and minimize infarction appearance.

Smart Grains

It is not a secret that whole grains are the best allies for those who want to be slim. But not everybody knows that they are big friends with brains. Because of folic acid, they are considered to be foods that make you smarter. They stimulate the blood supply flowing to the brain, giving it more oxygen and microelements. Besides that, vitamin B1 makes your memory better. That is why whole grains are so useful for elderly people; but eating them is pretty useful at any age.

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Nuts for Your Head

Include meals with nuts into your diet or eat them as snacks between meals. Peanuts and almonds are true treasures of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins E, B6 and folic acid. This is the best present for the brain, as these substances keep it fit. Many nuts contain magnesium and thiamin which supply the brain with energy. Seeds are good in this arena, as well. They are ingredients for some reallysimple meals.

Cabbage Set

Don’t forget about it:

Brussels cabbage contains diindolylmethane which protects neurons from destruction and frees the organism from free radicals.

Seaweed is rich in iodine. Its lack is dangerous not only for the thyroid gland but for the nervous system as well: it leads to insomnia and depression

Red cabbage is rich in polyphenols, powerful antioxidants. Anthocyanin makes vessels harder and more flexible, which affects the brain positively.

Cabbages are useful both raw and cooked.

Vitamin Champion

Unpleasant spinach leaves contain a lot of useful substances. Vitamins B6 and B12 along with folic acid—this is one of the best healthy foods for your brain. It will help train a perfect memory. Regular consumption of this green vegetable will prevent cell aging and will become good prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Drink for the Smartest

Sour chocolate with a great number of cacao beans is the best delight for your brain. One-third of a chocolate bar will whip up your brain as well. Flavonoids will maintain the blood supply, and magnesium will take care of memory. Lovers of hot chocolate are less vulnerable to seasonal depression.

Tea Wisdom

A cup of green tea every morning is not only a healthy alternative to coffee but a good portion of catechin. These powerful antioxidants help fight a feeling of exhaustion and laziness. All in all, this is a perfect energy supply at any time of a day.

Take care of your brain every day. Enrich your diet with anything listed here, and you will see fast and positive results.

Alyssa is a talented writer and blogger who is fond of various tips that help with education. As she works for a truly British coursework writing service, she knows what’s the best for you and how to make it interesting.

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