Preserving Fruits and Vegetables for Winter

When our kitchens are stuffed with end-of-season produce and we sense cold weather coming, it’s the right time to try simple food preservation techniques. Our forbears used these methods to provide themselves with nutrients and variety throughout the winter, and we can do the same to ensure we get to eat homegrown produce even if the garden is covered in snow. These recipes are easy and adaptable, and each recipe features a different preserving technique.

Most modern American preservation recipes involve canning or freezing, but there are old-fashioned methods of preservation that are less costly and more energy-efficient. The following recipes are excerpted from Keeping Food Fresh: Old World Techniques and Recipes by The Gardeners and Farmers of Terra Vivante, an ecological research and education center in Southeast France. Their collection of recipes has been translated into English to help modern American kitchen gardeners become familiar with these ancient preservation techniques.

Preserve your harvest with these great recipes:

Fermented Vegetable Condiments Recipe
Vegetable Medley Preserved in Oil Recipe

Herbs & Spices
Herbed Salt Recipe
Vegetable and Herb Bouillon Powder Recipe

Apple and Plum Chutney Recipe
Pear Butter Recipe

Published on Aug 1, 2016

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