Rethink Basic Breakfasts

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Try adding fresh avocado, citrus zest or even cucumber chunks to plain yogurt.
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Fresh fruit or dried cacao nibs make a great addition to cold or hot whole-grain cereals.
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Add cheese, smoked fish or spinach to crepes for a healthy breakfast.
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Give bagels a healthy boost with hummus, beans or nut and seed butters.

Making just a few adjustments to traditional breakfasts can have a significant impact on our daily nutrient intake — boosting vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, healthy fats and protein while reducing refined sugar. These simple additions can also powerfully affect how filling and sustaining our breakfasts will be. Keep a variety of these ingredients on hand to vary flavors, textures and nutrients throughout the week.

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Add to plain yogurt

• Avocado
• Citrus zest
• Cooked fruits (from fresh or frozen)
• Cucumber chunks
• Flaky salt
• Fresh fruits
• Fresh herbs
• Low-sugar granola
• Toasted nuts and seeds

Add to cold and hot whole-grain cereals

• Dried fruits
• Fresh fruits
• Greek yogurt
• Ground flaxseed
• Kefir
• Miso
• Nut butters
• Nut milks
• Oat bran
• Raw cacao nibs
• Toasted nuts and seeds
• Wheat germ

Add to whole-grain pancakes or waffles

• Applesauce
• Cinnamon and nutmeg
• Cooked fruits
• Crème fraiche
• Fresh fruit
• Greek yogurt
• Nut and seed butters
• Toasted nuts and seeds

Add to smoothies

• Avocado
• Coconut (water, milk, oil or unsweetened flakes)
• Dates
• Fresh and frozen fruits, and fruit juices
• Fresh and frozen herbs
• Greek yogurt
• Kefir
• Nut and seed butters
• Nuts and seeds
• Nut milks
• Powdered pea protein
• Prunes
• Pumpkin and winter squash puree
• Pure vanilla extract
• Raw cacao nibs or cacao powder
• Rolled oats
• Silken tofu
• Spices
• Superfood powders (maca, moringa, lucuma, etc.)
• Vegetables and greens, and vegetable juices

Fold into crepes

• Cheese
• Chopped leftover grilled or roasted vegetables
• Ham, turkey or chicken
• Cooked fruit
• Fresh fruit
• Lemon juice
• Smoked fish
• Spinach

Add to egg scrambles

• Avocado
• Chopped leftover grilled or roasted vegetables
• Greens
• Leftover roasted meats
• Mushrooms
• Smoked fish
• Tofu

Smear on whole-grain bagels and toast

• Avocado
• Beans and bean dips
• Hummus
• Nut and seed butters
• Scrambled eggs
• Soft or melted cheeses

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