Healing Recipes

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Kate Parham Kordsmeier publishes recipes and natural living tips on her blog, Root + Revel.
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Turmeric and roasted seaweed give this veggie soup a unique flavor.
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The heartiness of pancetta, granola and avocado makes this salad a satisfying meal.
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Chia seeds and acai powder give this smoothie a punch of unusual nutrients.
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Especially when made with quinoa, this bowl is packed with protein.
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Just one ounce of popcorn offers about 14 percent of the recommended daily value of dietary fiber.
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Cooking grains and broiling salmon is the only cooking required for Salmon Sushi Bowls.

I’d been a food writer for more than five years, exploring the world by way of the plate, before I started feeling sick. It started with embarrassing conditions, like chronic constipation and sudden, but intense, waves of nausea. I had a colonoscopy at 27, trying in vain to get to the root of my digestive issues. A slew of serious and expensive prescription medications followed, each with its own roll call of scary side effects. And still, years later, nothing worked.

So I decided to go cold turkey on all medications, including going off birth control pills for the first time in more than a decade. What followed was even worse—horrible acne, rapid and unexplained weight gain around my midsection, irregular periods with painful PMS symptoms, and those same digestive issues. At the end of my rope, tired of being dismissed by conventional doctors who just threw medication at my symptoms, I turned to a holistic and integrative medicine MD who actually wanted to get to the root cause. Dr. Taz really listened to me—she used blood work and other test results, coupled with my anecdotal symptoms, to diagnose me with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), leaky gut and hypothyroidism.

This is where my story takes a turn for happily ever after. As it happens, all of these conditions are reversible through diet, natural supplements and holistic lifestyle changes. After following an all-natural plan, I now live a near symptom-free life. It’s true what they say—food is medicine.

I have been blown away by the huge impact the simple changes I’ve made have had on my health. By getting rid of toxins and other harmful ingredients in my food, beauty supplies and household products, I’ve finally healed my body. And I’ve done so safely and naturally. A natural lifestyle focused on real, whole foods that are anti-inflammatory and full of nutrients works—I am living proof!

Here are some of my favorite healing recipes—I promise they look and taste as good as they will make you feel.

Secret Ingredient Superfood Veggie Soup
Citrus Kale Salad with Maple Granola and Pancetta Vinaigrette
Blueberry Acai Green Smoothie with Collagen
Salmon Sushi Bowls
5-Minute Coconut Oil Sriracha Popcorn with Nori

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