Spice Up Your Life: Healthy, Easy Indian Recipes

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This beautiful Indian-inspired meal tastes as if you cooked for days—but is simple and quick to prepare.
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This beautiful Indian-inspired meal tastes as if you cooked for days—but is simple and quick to prepare.
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Tart, sweet, and salty, this easy recipe for oranges and dried fruit compote makes a satisfying, healthy dessert.
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Whole-wheat flatbreads take only minutes to roll out and can be baked on a hot griddle or skillet.
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Chopped olives, garlic, and chiles make a briny tapenade to dress up whole-wheat flatbreads.

Indian cuisine provides inspiration for this easy, eclectic winter menu. The curry comes together quickly and can be made in advance. And there’s no simpler way to fill your home with the aroma of fresh bread than this flatbread recipe. The bright colors and flavors of fresh and dried fruits make a perfect, sweet ending to your repast.

Tofu Curry with Winter Vegetables

This warming winter medley is easy to make and will fill your house with exotic Eastern aromas. The spiciness of curry blends varies from hot and pungent to sweet and mild, so taste before adding the cayenne to see how much heat you need. A little goes a long way.


These puffy disks of bread are simple, quick, and versatile. Prepare a batch of dough and leave it covered on the counter to rest–later it takes only minutes to roll out a few flatbreads and bake them on a griddle or in a heavy skillet. The dough can be held overnight in the refrigerator.

Olive Relish with Herbs and Chiles

Although olives are more common in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking, they cross cultures here as a briny, pungent accompaniment to the Indian-influenced curry. Chop this by hand for a pleasingly rough texture; if you use a food processor, be careful not to overprocess.

Oranges with Dried Fruit Compote

This fruity dessert is light, yet sweet and satisfying. It balances tart, sweet, and herbal flavors with the salty crunch of nuts. Navel oranges have the convenience of being seedless, but temples, tangelos, tangerines, or clementines are available and very good at this time of year.

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