Say It With Chocolate: Yachana Jungle Chocolate

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Photo courtesy Yachana Gourmet

There’s no sweeter way to say “I love you” than organic, vegan, fair-trade chocolate that helps save Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest. Yachana Jungle Chocolate is made by Amazonians as part of the Foundation for Integrated Education and Development’s projects, including operating a Yachana eco-lodge. Cacao, the fruit from which chocolate is made, is a shade-grown crop native to the Amazon Basin. As long as the region’s people earn a living cultivating cacao, they won’t have to turn to logging or cattle ranching, the biggest rainforest threats.

Yachana Jungle Chocolate comes in bags containing crunchy cacao nibs mixed with other exotic flavors such as Brazil and macadamia nuts, raisins, coconut, pineapple, and coffee beans. Order at

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