From Pasture to Plate: Create a Cheese Banquet

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Photo By Joe Coca
These made-in-America organic cheeses brim with great taste.

Cheese for supper? Nothing could be easier. Add a mound of baby greens (with a light vinaigrette dressing) and a glass of local wine for a spectacular meal. When selecting cheeses, consider texture (firm, soft, crumbly) and flavor (salty, tangy, pungent). You might also combine cheeses from different animals (sheep, goat, cow) for an even greater kaleidoscope of tastes.

Herbed gouda (organic, cow) from Samish Bay Cheese, Washington.

Alderbrook (organic semi-ripened, sheep) from Willow Hill Farm, Vermont.

Point Reyes Original Blue (grass-fed/sustainable, cow) from Point Reyes, California.

La Fleurie (organic Camembert, cow) from Willow Hill Farm, Vermont.

Brie (organic, cow) from Turner Center Creamery, Maine.

Montasio (organic, cow) from Samish Bay Cheese, Washington.

St. Pat (organic, nettle-wrapped, cow) from Cowgirl Creamery, California.

Red Hawk (organic triple-cream, cow) from Cowgirl Creamery, California.

Nezinscot (organic Double Gloucester, cow) from Turner Center Creamery, Maine.

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