3 Medicinal Soups for Fall

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Photo by Adobe Stock/Oksana Bratanova

As the sun starts dippingdown into the horizon earlier in the evening, the body’s energy wanes, and colder temperatures slowly start to suppress the immune system. Meanwhile, the holiday guests — and germs — start trickling in. Now’s the time to preemptively fight off stress, colds, and the flu, and to replenish your energy reserves with an arsenal of medicinal soups. By highlighting some of the most potent herbs for this particular season — astragalus and eleuthero — along with citrus and other healing herbs and vegetables, we’ve compiled some soups to support your health and sanity through fall and winter. Savory shiitake and astragalus broth will increase your energy and immunity, while eleuthero miso soup with garlic and ginger will help counteract stress, and a creamy broccoli soup becomes a detox powerhouse when combined with ingredients to cleanse and repair the body. 

3 Medicinal Soup Recipes:

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