Spirited Vinegars: Tarragon Chervil Fennel Vinegar

Makes 2 cups

This is a wonderful vinegar for garden salads.

  • 1 cup total fresh tarragon, chervil and/or fennel leaves, loosely packed
  • 2 cups rice vinegar
  1. Combine the herbs and vinegar and steep. Taste after a week, then filter (or let it steep longer until the flavor is to your liking).
  2. Pour into bottles, cap tightly, seal if desired and label.

Maggie Oster is the author of many books on gardening and cooking, including Herbal Vinegar, 1994, and her latest, The Herbal Palate, 1996, both from Storey Communications. She is also a freelance photographer and horticulturist who lives in Indiana and Kentucky.

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