Hip, Hip Ole for the Fresh Flavors of Spain: Marinated Fish

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Rick Wetherbee
Marinated Fish

Serves 4

Although the recipe calls for dogfish (a small, possibly threatened shark found in the Mediterranean), any other dense fish will work. The dish is especially famed in Cádiz, in the south of Spain, where it goes by the name of bienmesabe–literally “tastes good to me.”

• 2 pounds meaty fish
• 4 cloves garlic
• 1 tablespoon mild paprika
• Lots of dried oregano
• Pinch salt
• 1 cup white wine vinegar
• 1 beaten egg
• Flour
• Extra virgin olive oil

1. Cut fish into chunks and place at bottom of a shallow bowl.

2. Crush garlic into paste using a mortar and pestle, then blend in paprika,  oregano and salt.

3. Add vinegar to paste.

4. Pour over fish, making sure it is completely covered. Marinate in refrigerator  8 to 10 hours.

5. Drain fish chunks well, patting dry with kitchen towels. Dip fish pieces in egg, dust with flour, and fry in small batches in abundant olive oil.

6. Drain on paper towels and serve.

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