Make an Herb Flower Sorbet: Lemon Verbena and Pineapple Sorbet

<em>Serves 4</em>
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I served this after a main course of Mexican Mint Chicken Salad, Stuffed Tomatoes and Indian Flat Bread, and before a tantalizing dessert of Lemon Balm Blueberry Cake.</p>
<p>• 3 to 4 fresh lemon verbena leaves, partially cut up<br />
• 1 can frozen pineapple juice concentrate, thawed but still cold<br />
• 2½ cups cold water (or about 2 juice cans of water)</p>
<p>1. In blender, place the lemon verbena leaves, pineapple juice concentrate and 1 cup of the cold water.  2. Blend well until the leaves are completely pulverized.<br />
3. Add the remaining water and pour the mixture into a hand-cranked or electric sorbet mixer. Freeze until firm.<br />
4. Serve in previously frozen bowls. (I freeze the spoons, as well.) The sorbet stays firmer that way when serving it on a warm summer day.</p>
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<em>Jim Long is a contributing editor to</em> The Herb Companion <em>and author of several books, including</em> Fabulous Herb and Flower Sorbets <em>(Long Creek Herbs). He can be reached at</em>
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<strong>Make an Herb Flower Sorbet.</strong>

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