Simple Green Bean Salad Recipe

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Add some pizzazz to fresh green beans with this simple but crowd-pleasing green bean salad recipe.

When fresh beans are bursting out of farmer’s markets and gardens, purchase (or harvest) way more than you need for a single meal. Blanch them all, drain well, then rinse in a colander until cooled to room temperature. Drain again, very well. Blot dry the beans you’re saving for later and refrigerate them. Then make as much or as little of this fresh salad as you like, and adjust the proportions according to your taste.

Simple Green Bean Salad Recipe

Blanched, chilled green beans
Vinaigrette of your choosing
Coarse sea salt and fresh black pepper
Sliced fresh tomatoes (several varieties)
Salad greens
Pitted kalamata or oil-cured olives (optional)
Roasted red peppers (fresh or jarred; optional)
Feta or ricotta salata cheese (optional)
Half a cold cooked artichoke or bottled marinated artichoke hearts (optional)

1. Drizzle chilled, cooked green beans with whatever vinaigrette strikes your fancy and fits the meal. Set aside so flavors can soak in.

2. Slice tomatoes thickly and lay atop greens.

3. Add a pile of vinaigretted green beans. You can stop here: This dish alone is delectable.

4. If you like, add olives and roasted peppers.

5. If you like, sprinkle with feta or ricotta salata cheese and/or sliced artichoke hearts.

Adapted from Bean by Bean by Crescent Dragonwagon

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